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Featured Companies

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Eliksa Therapeutics

Based at the PABC in Doylestown, Eliksa Therapeutics is developing secretome-based therapies to address significant unmet needs in ocular, cardiovascular and osteoarthritic conditions. These therapies have emerged as a promising approach to overcome the traditional limitations associated with cell-based treatments. Eliksa's lead product candidate, ELK-003, is being developed to treat ocular manifestations of Epidermolysis Bullosa and entered clinical trials in 2024. 
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Hula Therapeutics

Hula Therapeutics is dedicated to bringing safer and more efficacious therapies for children and adults with solid tumors.
Leveraging a novel target discovery engine developed at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the company aims to be in the clinic in late 2024 with a CAR-T cell therapy for neuroblastoma. Hula Therapeutics also is working on programs for sarcoma, medulloblastoma and gliomas. 
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ThirdLaw Molecular LLC

ThirdLaw Molecular LLC, based in Blue Bell, Pa., is developing technologies from Temple University. The company is working to advance its Spiroligomer™ molecules as an innovative, patent-protected, new class of targeted medicines. The company’s mission is to create a revolutionary category of molecules that transform how diseases are treated more safely and effectively. 
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