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Entrepreneur Spotlight

A Virtual Shark-Tank Style Event 

July 22, 2021

4-6 p.m. EDT

Join us for a unique online networking event to watch ‘Shark-Tank’ style pitches from three new startup companies located at the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center (PABC), followed by breakout sessions for each company.

Win a one-year PABC membership worth $1,500!

We are holding a raffle with first prize being a one-year membership, which includes:

  • Access to a dynamic and growing community of life sciences companies, their scientists and business experts, researchers with the Blumberg Institute and a network of finance and business development leaders in the region. 

  • Invitations to participate in events and activities conducted every month at the PABC: our Entrepreneur Spotlight, Vendor Expos and Lunch-and-Learn sessions.

  • Quarterly newsletter featuring company profiles and news from the center (scientific breakthroughs, advances, etc.)

  • World class seminars, such as a recent one with Scott L. Friedman, M.D., dean for therapeutic discovery at the Icahn School of Medicine in N.Y.C.

  • Regional updates and information from the heart of the pharma belt, cellacon valley, etc.

  • Use of our conference rooms, office space, mail room and other facilities, which are being expanded to add an auditorium, lab space and new offices.

About Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center Memberships

The Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center (PABC) is now extending annual memberships
regionally and nationally. Located in the middle of the pharma belt between
North Jersey and Philadelphia, the PABC was named one of the most successful
biotechnology incubators in the country, according to a 2018 International
Business Innovation Association survey. This is a unique opportunity to become a member
of our scientific and entrepreneurial community.